Waxing Treatments

Waxing treatments are a semi-permanent removal of unwanted hair from the root. Hair regrowth is slower and finer with no coarse stubble and lasts for between two to eight weeks 


With the removal of hair in a safe, clean and professional way we are able to give you the soft hair free look you are hoping for.  The area is always cleansed before any treatment.


Using a gentle, healing and soft vanilla cream wax for the comfortable removal of hair, with a lavender moisturising lotion for healing which will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturised



½ Leg                                        £18.00                                   

¾ Leg


 Full Leg 




 Under Arm


 ½ Arm


 Full Arm 




 Lip or Chin

       £  8.00


 Lip & Chin        £14.00  


Combination Prices

1/2 Leg & bikini / under arm      £26.00
3/4 Leg & bikini / under arm      £28.00
Full leg & bikini / under arm      £32.00


Male Grooming

Back & Shoulders                       £24.00
Chest       £24.00
Eyebrows       £12.00