Facial Treatments

Exfoliation of dead surface cells and proper hydration help to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant.  Everyday, our face is exposed to so many harmful chemicals in the environment, which clogg the pores and cause stress and pre-mature ageing of our skin.  A facial helps our skin to breathe and recieve the cleansing and hydration it so deserves, leaving your face feeling and looking beautiful, glowing and healthy


All our facials include a face, eye, neck and shoulder massage, with lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins



Radiant Facial                               (1/2 hr)           £30.00

A gentle cleansing, toning treatment with exfoliation and a hydrating mask to soothe

your skin



Hydrating Facial                            (1 hr)               £35.00

An anti-ageing moisture boost to rehydrate and feed your skin, leaving it feeling supple

and refreshed, using Rose and Geranium



Soothing Facial                              (1 hr)               £35.00

To moisturise, calm and nourish sensitive skin using Chamomile, leaving your skin looking radiant



Balancing Facial                             (1 hr)               £35.00

The restoration of skin balance, gently drawing out impurities, refine the pores and treat

skin breakouts, using Peach and Apricot



Men's Facial                                    (1 hr)               £35.00

A skin cleanse, tone and moisture boost including an eye focus to help reduce dark

circles and puffy eyes